A dangerous investigation, undercover among terrier men.
We managed to infiltrate the very closed environment of underground hunting in the spring of 2019. Within a crew from Hauts de France, our investigators witnessed several killings: that of badgers  and foxes. They attended for hours the hunt for foxes that were underground in the Hauts-de France. Accepted by the huntsmen, they filmed this abominable spectacle which took place before their eyes, so that the unvarnished truth and the shame of their actions is shown in the face of those who have authorized this cruel type of hunting. For all who are kept in the dark from imagining what is hidden in the woods of France and are ignorant of these goings on! When the French people learn about what’s involved with digging out and that it’s authorized, they then want to see it banned.
Now that they know precisely what is happening and what it means for the animals involved.

Digging out is an unbearable horror

In France, foxes can be dug up and slaughtered all year round, including during the breeding season. This sadistic practice gives animals no chance at all. Our investigators have infiltrated this dangerous and opaque environment, to testify to these spine-chilling killings.

Three new-born cubs are hunted for hours until they are beaten and bitten to death in front of children. Abroad, this would be the subject of a report concerning child protection. Here, a young boy and a preteen will attend the massacre. Worse, the 12-year-old is an “apprentice”, encouraged to kill. We express our concern to the Defender for the Rights regarding the deleterious effects on children who are exposed to such acts of violence.

The bodies of the foxes will end up buried, thrown like waste at the bottom of the hole with dozens of cigarette butts. No respect for the wild fauna or the ecology, this is the way of the hunter … Prefectural decrees extending the rights of hunters are constantly under attack, but constantly renewed … enough is enough. The terrifying way in which these three foxes were killed is the tip of the iceberg: hunters do not even respect the regulations governing this practice.

#JAimeLesRenards (#ILoveFoxes)! Let us ban the digging up of animals, let’s write en masse to the Minister of the Ecological and Inclusive Transition!

The legislation that allows the digging up of animals is not even respected!

We protest that this sadistic practice which consists in killing for the pleasure of animal’s who are taking refuge in their burrow is still authorized.

But the regulations governing this type of hunting are not even respected by hunters who use unauthorized weapons, and even train their dogs to kill … Beyond this unspeakable suffering, the foxes (like badgers) have been killed illegally!

If the game that has been hunted underground is not released immediately after its capture, then its killing must take place immediately after being caught, using a knife or exclusively a firearm. It is forbidden to expose an animal caught to the barking or the biting of the dogs before its killed.

Over 500,000 foxes are persecuted each year. In reality, this figure is around a million!

The purpose of the manoeuvre: to dig a hole in a wood for pleasure in order to eradicate a few additional foxes. All this to occupy ones Saturday by organizing the killing of nocturnal animals who are caught by the throat in their home that they consider a haven against the aggressions of the world: their burrows.

The reasons given by the hunters are fallacious!

Three fox cubs slaughtered